Hook for pole like things to be clamped to another pole

Settings for Finger Joints

surroundingspacesmaximum space at the start and end in multiple of normal spaces
edge_widthspace below holes of FingerHoleEdge
fingerwidth of the fingers
playextra space to allow movement
spacespace between fingers
widthwidth of finger holes

PoleHook Settings

diameterdiameter of the thing to hook
screwdiameter of the screw in mm
screwheadwith of the screw head in mm
screwheadheightheight of the screw head in mm
pindiameter of the pin in mm

Default Settings

thicknessthickness of the material
format format of resulting file
tabswidth of tabs holding the parts in place in mm (not supported everywhere)
debug print surrounding boxes for some structures
referenceprint reference rectangle with given length (zero to disable)
burnburn correction in mm (bigger values for tighter fit)